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About midwinter

My name is Betsy King.  I'm a for-hire creative in the Ann Arbor/Southeast Michigan area.
What does that mean? It means I can help you get things done. I can help you turn
your ideas into achievements.
That's why I started Midwinter Design in 2012.
I love helping people feel proud.

What do I do?

Graphic design
Layout for print & digital
Corporate writing & editing
Designing physical products
Social media marketing
Old fashioned marketing too ;)
Personal brand development
Project management & development

past clients include:

The Sphinx Organization (Nonprofit)
M-Prize (Corporate - Design & Writing)
YpsiReal (Corporate - Writing)
Prison Creative Arts Program
(Corporate - Design)
The Hope Foundation/SouthWest Oncology Group (Corporate - Design)
National Acu Detox Association
(Corporate - Design)
PCS Insight (Corporate - Writing)
Revalue (Corporate - Writing)
Legacy Wealth Partners (Corporate - Design)
Reelsume´ (Corporate - App Design)
The Ragbirds (Musician)
Schola Artium (Nonprofit)
Szumko & Associates (Corporate - Writing)
Vincent Colbert (Musician)
Tommy Vanicelli ("So F/N Pretty" - Hair Stylist)
Thoughtwell Media (Corporate - Design)
Arbor Brewing Company (Corporate - Design)
Sean Paquet (Musician)
Halpin Reinforcement (Corporate - Design)
Tom Makes Records (Corporate - Design)
dHarp Records (Corporate - Design)
Rachel Dupont (Author)
Melanie Reyes (Photographer)
HMN Photography (Photographer)
Jetty Rae (Musician)
Father Peregrine (Musician)
Captain Ivory (Musician)
GoodLife Yoga (Corporate - Design)
Hardwood Floors by Mike Jackson, Inc. (Corporate - Design)
David Carr (Cave Darr - Artist)
Glasshouse Brewing (Corporate - Writing)

longer-term projects:

Lilybell magazine
The Wounds that Bled for Us for Huron Hills Church
Chris DuPont Music promotions & design
- Szumko & Associates (estates and legal)